The Subsidy Rate Analysis Tool is an interactive data visualization application for use by budget analysts and management to analyze historic model results. Already in use at two agencies, the tool is part of our larger Credit Program Toolkit, which includes a broader set of model and program analysis functionality.

The Subsidy Rate Analysis Tool provides a platform to visually compare actual loan performance with model estimates, view trends in subsidy rate forecasts, and pinpoint key drivers of current and lifetime re-estimates for an agencies program cohorts.  Leveraging the tool, agencies can quickly back-test the accuracy of cost estimates and can identify model strengths and weaknesses.  The tool helps agency organize and manage historic model cash flow forecast data output by the OMB Credit Subsidy Calculator (CSC).

The Subsidy Rate Analysis Tool:

  • Automates the aggregation and integration of your CSC file data
  • Enables analysts to quickly respond to internal and external stakeholder questions regarding model results and annual re-estimates.
  • Compares model results against pre-determined risk thresholds
  • Enables non-technical users to investigate model performance for all agency programs through an easy-to-use interface
  • Provides exports of graphics and tables from the tool to support further analysis or presentations

To learn more about the Subsidy Rate Analysis Tool or to request a demo, please contact Scott Inderbitzen at