Regional Price Bubbles and Implications for Credit Risk Management


December 17, 2013

FI-BubbleIn the aftermath of the housing bust some regions are slowly recovering from that experience while other regions have rebounded sharply- leading to fresh concerns about letting 2008 happen all over again. As the housing recovery has played out unevenly across regions, accurate capture of local market conditions is a necessary prerequisite for detecting the next bubble. Featured presenter, Dr. James R. Follain, an economist with over 35 years of experience in the analysis of housing and mortgage markets, SVP of R&D for Collateral Analytics and Advisor to FI Consulting, presented a Policy Focus Report completed for the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy: Preventing House Price Bubbles: Lessons from the 2006-2012 Bust. The webinar also outlined a geographically granular approach to pricing credit risk, gave an overview of regional estimate models of house price growth, and explored a countercyclical capital framework that focuses on local market conditions.

The full webinar presentation in .wmv format may be downloaded by clicking here.