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Program Investment Manager (PIM) is the first suite of COTS applications that help federal agencies manage grant, loan, guarantee, and other subsidy programs from application through closeout. PIM consists of individual applications that may be implemented separately and integrated into your existing system architecture to support specific critical business functions such as application processing, portfolio management, performance tracking, or compliance oversight. Alternatively, PIM can be implemented as an integrated, end-to-end suite to support your program across all critical business functions.

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  • Standardize and automate for greater consistency and accuracy
  • Demonstrate portfolio and program impact
  • Streamline program operations and resource use
  • Integrate program data for better insight
  • Exhibit greater transparency, compliance, and accountability
  • Manage risks proactively
  • Collaborate across a geographically dispersed workforce
  • Exchange data and manage relationships with stakeholders

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Small Business Administration Loan Review Tool

FI was tasked with bringing standardization, efficiency, and control to credit oversight developing a post-origination loan review system; Client:Small Business Administration…

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Small Business Lending Fund Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Tool
FI develops a low maintenance and intuitive tool that allows the SBLF Program Office to actively monitor their program and make informed decisions.

Client: U.S. Department of the Treasury (UST)

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FI Consulting Releases Program Investment Manager (PIM)
FI Consulting (FI) today announced the release of FI Program Investment Manager (PIM), the first suite of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications built specifically to help federal agencies manage credit, grant, and other subsidy programs, from application through closeout.

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