Model Risk Management and Governance

In the closely scrutinized field of modeling, FI Consulting excels at helping our clients demonstrate the highest standards of model governance, risk management, and quality to regulators, auditors and management.

Beyond compliance, we help clients improve performance by establishing and continuously improving on their ability to deploy their best models and tap into the rich sources of data spread across their enterprises.

Since 2002, FI Consulting’s clients in the private and government sectors have called on us to address complex and high stakes modeling challenges with services that span our core strengths in data, analytics, modeling, and technology.


How We Help

We take pride in our ability to deliver high impact and practical solutions that stand up to examination by our clients’ toughest stakeholders.
Our services include:
  • Model documentation
  • Independent model validation
  • Benchmark and challenger model development
  • Model Risk Manager
  • Model risk management system implementation
  • Model governance program design and implementation


Case Studies

USDA RD Earns an Unqualified Financial Statement Audit Opinion

USDA RD earned an unqualified financial statement audit opinion as a direct result of FI Consulting’s credit subsidy reestimate work. Client: U.S. Department of Agriculture...

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FI Models USDA’s Biorefinery Guarantee Program

FI’s work helped USDA put its new advanced biorefinery guarantee program into operation. Client: U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Challenge: The 2008 farm bill created a...

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Helping USDA Better Gauge the Impact of New Policies

By implementing advanced analytical techniques, USDA Rural Development (RD) can quantify the key drivers of risk in its portfolio, estimate risks and subsidy costs at...

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Model Risk Manager Fact Sheet

Increased governance requirements and closer scrutiny of model lifecycles have pushed financial institutions to seek greater visibility into model risk – and to demonstrate that they are making…

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our Model Risk Manager Fact Sheet



Model Transponder

As featured in Jon R. Hill’s article “Shouldn’t a Model ‘Know’ Its Own ID?” from the Fall 2018 issue of The Journal of Structured Finance, Model Risk Transponder allows financial institutions to easily track model runs.

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