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FI Consulting empowers CFO’s to transform data into insightful decision-making tools that aid in improving the organization’s use of capital.

Changes in the political and environmental landscapes can present unforeseen challenges to CFO’s tasked with formulating budgets years in advance of their utilization, managing enterprise financial risk, and increasing transparency of Agency spend and risk profiles. FI supports CFO’s by providing the financial expertise and business saavy to address the day-to-day and long-term challenges imposed by a rigid regulatory structure. From the standard applications such as budget management and balance sheet support to more strategic services including financial risk management and cross-agency financial strategic planning, FI provides comprehensive CFO services tailored specifically to our clients’ unique and fast-paced business challenges.

With CFO’s facing the demands of reduced budgets, increased regulatory reporting, and a constant demand for operations transparency and accountability, financial challenges are ever growing in number and complexity. FI partners with CFO’s in selecting and implementing the best solution to every challenge an organization faces. FI delivers high stakes solutions under intensive oversight scrutiny, we quickly achieve repeatable results, and help clients triage their current state while building the optimal future state.


Case Studies

USDA RD Earns an Unqualified Financial Statement Audit Opinion

USDA RD earned an unqualified financial statement audit opinion as a direct result of FI Consulting’s credit subsidy reestimate work….

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Model Provides New Insight Into SBA’s Portfolio Performance

The new model transformed SBA’s program cost estimates and provided new insight into the drivers of portfolio perform…

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Small Business Lending Fund Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Tool

FI develops a low maintenance and intuitive tool that allows the SBLF Program Office to actively monitor their program and…

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How We Help

Integrated Financial Analytics

  • Cross-systems (HR, Financial, Procurement, Grants, Programs, etc.)
  • Cross-Bureau/Office (Agency-wide)
  • Program/Resource Analytics

Credit And Asset Management

  • Credit Modeling and Management
  • Asset and Portfolio Management
  • Receipts and Collections Optimization

Financial Risk Management

  • Waste, Fraud, and Abuse
  • Providing Audit Readiness
  • Do Not Pay
  • Enterprise Risk Management

Performance Management and Analytics

  • Performance Reporting and Analysis
  • Program Performance Optimization
  • Grants Reporting and Analysis
  • Cost Allocation

Resource Planning and Optimization

  • Optimal Allocations of Critical Financial, Technological, and Labor Resources
  • Budget Planning, Management, and Analysis
  • Receipts and Collections Optimization


Subsidy Rate Analysis Tool

The Subsidy Rate Analysis Tool is an interactive data visualization application for use by budget analysts and management to analyze historic model results.

Already in use at two agencies, the tool is part of our larger Credit Program Toolkit, which includes a broader set of model and program analysis functionality.

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