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The US Federal Government’s balance sheet includes more than $2 trillion in credit exposure, comprised of direct loans and guarantees delivered through hundreds of diverse programs that range from residential mortgages to farm loans to financing of renewable energy production facilities.

Since our founding, FI Consulting has been a leader in helping federal agencies implement and better manage their credit programs. Federal credit agencies hire us to help them stand up new credit programs, gain insight into portfolio performance and risk, make the most of scarce credit subsidy budgets, and comply with statutory, regulatory, and audit requirements.

Our expertise spans the complete credit program life cycle, including design, implementation, financial operations, subsidy cost estimation, and portfolio and risk management. We help agencies maximize their program impact by making informed trade-offs between policy objectives, cost, and risk.


Case Studies

USDA RD Earns an Unqualified Financial Statement Audit Opinion

USDA RD earned an unqualified financial statement audit opinion as a direct result of FI Consulting’s credit subsidy reestimate work….

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Model Provides New Insight Into SBA’s Portfolio Performance

The new model transformed SBA’s program cost estimates and provided new insight into the drivers of portfolio perform…

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Small Business Lending Fund Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Tool

FI develops a low maintenance and intuitive tool that allows the SBLF Program Office to actively monitor their program and…

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How We Help

Program Management

  • New program design and implementation
  • Program performance and risk management
  • Program measurement and evaluation


  • Helping clients achieve clean audits
  • Accounting for newly developed programs
  • IT & analytical services


  • Model development and enhancement
  • Model governance, audit, and IV&V
  • Data management & visualization



Subsidy Rate Analysis Tool

The Subsidy Rate Analysis Tool is an interactive data visualization application for use by budget analysts and management to analyze historic model results.

Already in use at two agencies, the tool is part of our larger Credit Program Toolkit, which includes a broader set of model and program analysis functionality.

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