The Acquisition Planning Challenge:
Solving Fragmented Visibility

When it comes to their acquisition processes, many agencies have fragmented visibility. Often, it is very difficult for program staff, budget officials, and procurement teams to track acquisition packages through their entire life-cycles.

Since our founding, FI Consulting has solved hard problems like this, standing out as a leader in efficient process design. Agencies hire us to help them map existing workflows, identify gaps, and recommend/implement cutting-edge solutions.

Over the past year, FI has helped agencies redesign their acquisition and spend planning processes, bringing about massive efficiency gains. Through the use of our propriety tools, agencies are reducing fragmentation and attaining end-to-end visibility into every single procurement.


How we Help

Program Staff

  • Our tools and processes make it easy for you to track the status of all of your submitted acquisitions.

Procurement Staff

  • We make it simple for you to gain insight into the procurement pipeline before requests cross your desk.

Budget Staff

  • Our systems help you ensure funding is properly allocated and prevent appropriations from going to waste.



Acquisition and Spend Planning Platform
Our Acquisition and Spend Planning Platform enables agencies to better manage and track acquisitions all the way from plan to purchase.
The tool provides users with simple, easy to use dashboards and workflows, enabling better collaboration across the entire acquisitions life-cycle.

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