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Discover how FI Consulting has helped financial organizations meet their goals.


Helping USDA Prepare to Expand Shared Services

FI helps USDA assess internal readiness to become a leading shared service provider and suggests a practical plan for the...

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Small Business Lending Fund Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Tool

FI develops a low maintenance and intuitive tool that allows the SBLF Program Office to actively monitor their program and...

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Making SBA’s Model Validation Process Auditable

The automated Credit Subsidy Model Validation Process saves 50 labor hours per review cycle, reduces the risk of error, and...

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SBA Significantly Reduces Lender Reporting Issues

The lender reporting review process led to a 37% reduction in reporting issues. Client: Small Business Administration (SBA) Challenge: SBA identified...

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Model Provides New Insight Into SBA’s Portfolio Performance

The new model transformed SBA’s program cost estimates and provided new insight into the drivers of portfolio performance Client: U.S....

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USDA RD Earns an Unqualified Financial Statement Audit Opinion

USDA RD earned an unqualified financial statement audit opinion as a direct result of FI Consulting’s credit subsidy reestimate work....

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