FI Consulting at the SAS Global Forum

By Tim Lee, FI Consulting

FI-Blog-SAS-GLOBALSeveral FI consultants (Derek Davison, Larry Roadcap, Christina Prevalsky, Jeremy D’Antoni, and Jincheng Yu) attended last month’s SAS Global Forum in Dallas, which as always was an impressive and informative event highlighting how big data and analytics continue to evolve at an ever increasing speed. SAS elicits a rare enthusiasm and loyalty from users that we have encountered not only here in the US but around the world.

Model Management and Stress Testing played a leading role in SAS Risk presentations and demonstrations throughout the three day event. SAS continues to upgrade the UI of its applications to be aligned with what is found in SAS Visual Analytics and Visual Statistics.

Jeremy and Jincheng presented one of our signature high-impact, lightweight solutions for their packed session “Building Credit Modeling Dashboards.” The two showcased their recent work creating user-friendly dashboards and visualization tools to help identify and monitor the key risk drivers in federal loan and loan guarantee programs.  Assembling dashboards is an increasingly popular way for executives and risk managers to keep their fingers on the pulse of how their operations and portfolios are performing.  But it can be tough to pull together the necessary data and analyses from a dispersed, sometimes incompatible array of systems and sources.  While Base SAS offers powerful modeling and analysis tools, its options for developing user-friendly interfaces and visualizations can be limited. At the same time, implementation of a larger SAS solution, such as SAS Visual Analytics, may be overkill for a relatively discrete and well defined reporting requirement.

In response to the client’s needs, FI Consulting developed a Credit Modeling Dashboard that integrates sophisticated SAS models with Microsoft Access – resources that many organizations have and do not need to purchase and implement – to create visually intuitive dashboards and analyses.  Deployment was fast and tapped into existing assets and infrastructure to aggregate data from across the organization. With less time spent worrying about getting the data, and more time available for gaining insights from them, fast and essential business intelligence is now at the fingertips of the organization’s executives and program analysts.

Jincheng, Jeremy and the FI crew enjoyed trading notes with clients, industry contacts and friends at the conference.  It was great to catch up and we look forward to keeping in touch!  You can find the link to information on Jincheng’s and Jeremy’s presentation here – of course, we are always happy to share more about our work. Don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance.