FI Consulting Releases Version 2.0 of Acquisition and Spend Planner (ASP)

Acquisition and Spend Planner 2.0Version 2.0 adds Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and intelligent automation features to streamline the acquisition planning process and empower scenario-based, acquisition portfolio planning.

ARLINGTON, VA – September 12, 2019 – FI Consulting (FI) today announced the release of Version 2.0 of its Acquisition and Spend Planner (ASP), a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that helps Federal agencies gain greater efficiency, visibility, and productivity from their procurement pipelines through automation and collaborative acquisition planning.

“Version 2.0 expands ASP’s intelligent automation features to streamline the process of building acquisition packages and adds more robust, scenario-based acquisition portfolio planning tools for program, budget, and procurement management,” said Robert Silverman, Managing Director at FI Consulting.

ASP Version 2.0 brings several new functional advances including:

  • RPA-Driven Smart Templates – Streamline Acquisition Planning document generation with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) driven smart templates that eliminate repetitive manual document development tasks. Agencies can build their preferred procurement artifact templates into ASP, and leverage automation to populate entries for all system-captured data fields. This automation can save up to 15 minutes of work time per document and reduce the occurrence of human error.
  • Intelligent Procurement Checklists – Provide users with automatically generated document checklists, specific to the type and size of procurement action being planned. Users can then build, track, and host reviews of associated procurement planning documents and artifacts in ASP’s SharePoint-based, action-specific folders.
  • Multiple Plan Scenarios – Manage planned acquisition actions based on alternative budget plan scenarios and contingencies, allowing agencies to view and prioritize which procurements to pursue under different budget scenarios, such as continuing resolutions, alternate funding levels, and periodic budget revisions.
  • Flexible Acquisition Grouping – In addition to already available tracking attributes (e.g., program, budget codes, projects, spend categories), track planned related acquisitions by agency-defined, custom acquisition groups such as strategic initiatives, IT modernization efforts, agency performance objective, and other agency-desired groupings.
  • Acquisition Dependencies and Lineage Visualizations – Define acquisition dependencies to track which procurement actions are reliant on other actions and visualize the lineage of relationships on customizable dashboards to help streamline the critical path.

FI Consulting’s ASP solution is a powerful platform that allows program, procurement, and budget officials to obtain better clarity into their procurement pipeline and enhance the quality and efficiency of planning and pre-award activities.

Former Federal CFO and FI’s Procurement and Financial Management Practice Leader, Tom Coleman states: “We built ASP to easily configure to any agency’s environment and quickly deliver results in the form of time savings, transparency, and cross-functional collaboration. Our latest enhancements will help customers eliminate hundreds of hours in manual processing and bring a portfolio management approach to procurement.”

FI’s ASP is built on Microsoft’s FedRAMP certified Power Platform, with native integration to Microsoft Office applications and APIs to integrate with agency budget, finance, and procurement systems.

For more information on FI Consulting’s Acquisition and Spend Planner, please visit or contact Tom Coleman at

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