FI Consulting Named a Silver Bicycle Friendly Business by the League of American Bicyclists

FI-Blog-bikeArlington County, VA, December, 10, 2015—FI Consulting, an Arlington County-based company that provides data and analytical solutions to financial institutions, is pleased to announce it received a Silver Bicycle Friendly Business (BFBSM) Award from The League of American Bicyclists. With the announcement of 43 new and renewing BFBs today, FI Consulting joins a cutting-edge group of more than 1,090 local businesses, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies in 49 states and Washington, D.C., that are transforming the American workplace.

“The business community’s investment in bicycling is playing a central role in making the country a safer, happier, and more sustainable place to live and work,” said Amelia Neptune, League Bicycle Friendly Business Program Manager. “We applaud this new round of businesses, including FI Consulting for leading the charge in creating a bicycle-friendly America for everyone.

FI Consulting is dedicated to healthy lifestyles, giving back to the community, and reducing its carbon footprint. As such, it encourages its employees to use bikes as an easy and affordable form of transportation. FI provides amenities such as bike maintenance and safety accessories including patches for tires, helmets, and horns as well as onsite bicycle racks and showers. Other incentives to bike include subsidizing Capital Bikeshare and offering a health insurance plan that promotes wellness.

“I really believe that promoting fitness adds to performance, renders fewer sick days, and energizes a person for a full and productive day,” said Patience Rogers, FI Consulting Executive Assistant and biking advocate. “We save the environment, improve our health, and decrease the number of cars on the road. No negatives, only positives.”

Moving forward, FI Consulting will have access to a variety of free tools and technical assistance from the League to become even more bicycle-friendly. This award is a continuation of FI Consulting’s commitment to encouraging the use of sustainable transportation modes such as public transit, ridesharing, biking, and walking.

To apply or learn more about the BFB program, visit the League online at

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