FI Consulting’s Tom Coleman Low-Code/No-Code Development Article Published in AGA Journal

FI Consulting’s Acquisition and Financial Management Practice Leader, Tom Coleman authored an Article for the Summer 2020 AGA Journal of Financial Management. The article “Democratizing Technology: Strategies and Tools to Empower the Government Finance Professional” provides insights on how Agile processes and low-code/no-code platform technologies can lower IT costs and improve outcomes through greater collaboration and efficiency.

Democratizing Technology: Strategies and Tools to Empower the Government Finance Professional

Over the past several decades, technology and automation have permeated nearly every governmental function. Civil servants must leverage technology to meet expanding missions with a static or shrinking workforce. Implementing or modernizing financial management solutions has traditionally been a lengthy and costly endeavor, tarnished too frequently by high-profile failures or solutions that fail to meet business expectations.

In his article “Democratizing Technology: Strategies and Tools to Empower the Government Finance Professional,” Tom Coleman explores how breaking down organizational silos, distributing technology resources, and adopting low-code/no-code platforms can lead to better results and foster greater involvement of finance professionals in the design and implementation the technology solutions they rely upon.

Tom’s article highlights how democratizing technology, by expanding access to new and often non-technical professionals can lower costs, improve the business focus of IT solutions, and create greater cross-disciplinary collaboration. Tom leverages real-world examples and case studies to support the notion that the Government and taxpayers win when finance professionals take a greater role and work more closely with CIO offices in the design and implementation of the financial management systems of the future.

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