Small Business Lending Fund Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Tool

FI develops a low maintenance and intuitive tool that allows the SBLF Program Office to actively monitor their program and make informed decisions.

Client: U.S. Department of the Treasury (UST)

Challenge: The Small Business Lending Fund (SBLF) Program made Tier 1 capital investments in eligible institutions in order to increase the availability of credit for small businesses. In managing the portfolio, the SBLF Program Office gathers a wide range of information and financial data on these institutions and external markets from a variety of sources and platforms. This disparate data was difficult to consolidate and, therefore, not reliable enough to drive timely decisions.

FI Solution: FI built the SBLF tool to consolidate their data and analyses into a centralized solution that empowers users with real-time data monitoring and visualization. A single application displays the data in a way that adds value and provides critical information to decision makers. Working hand-in-hand with SBLF stakeholders, FI developed a back-end solution that provides the SBLF Program Office with a central repository for the disparate data they collect, allowing for more efficient, controlled access to information. The FI team designed the reporting front-end to provide a customized, intuitive data consumption, analysis, and reporting interface for each business area, while maintaining controls around data entry and security required by the program office.

The SBLF Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Tool (SMART) allows SBLF to automate much of the portfolio analysis by providing built-in enhanced data visualization of high-level trends and a centralized view of key information and potential risks for individual institutions. In order to enhance program forecasting, the team implemented a module to track tasks and workflows around upcoming participant activities. This allows the team to easily manage expected transactions that could impact the portfolio. In addition to some of the pre-defined reports, FI incorporated the flexibility for users to select parameters that dynamically generate custom reports on various aspects of the SBLF Program.

FI Impact: SMART’s low maintenance and intuitive design allows the SBLF Program Office to actively monitor their program and make informed decisions. The reporting solution implemented at SBLF has considerably decreased the time and effort stakeholders spend generating reports and monitoring the SBLF Program. SMART supports various program functions including operations, compliance, contact management, investment management, and program management. By automating standard reports and incorporating the flexibility to generate custom reports, FI has helped the SBLF Program Office assess and evaluate portfolio trends and exposures more effectively while ensuring compliance with the updated Office of Management and Budget (OMB) A-129 circular reporting requirements.

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