Large Financial Institution Increases Securitization Volume

The Securitization Manager supports the process of securitizing multifamily loans and the extensive reporting that is part of the process. The system allowed the customer to increase its volume of business without increasing staffing levels.

Client: Large Financial Institution

Challenge: Our client required a tool to help automate its securitization process, which was largely manual. It was also constrained in terms of scalability, dependent on a collection of ad hoc tools, and lacking in adequate controls.

FI was tasked with building an application that would resolve these issues.

FI Solution: FI worked closely with various user groups at the financial institution to capture the requirements and also leveraged its understanding of the business domain to propose a solution that streamlined the existing processes. FI built and tested the application based on the documented requirements. The technology stack consisted of Microsoft Access, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), and Excel as these tools are readily available to the user community and appropriate for the data volumes involved, given the time-to-market constraints. The application team documented the system in full and supported user acceptance testing. Since its inception in 2010, the application has been expanded with increased functionality on a yearly basis.

FI Impact: As a result of implementing FI’s custom application, our client was able to increase its volume of securitizations without increasing staffing levels or risk to the quality of its outputs. It provided for automated financial reporting and access to improved quality data.