Flexible System Supports Real-Time Loan Pricing

The Pricing Manager system supports real time loan pricing, faster turn-around for exception deals, accurate reporting, and elimination of risk around complex manual procedures.

Client: Large Financial Institution

Challenge: FI needed to discover the right balance between application rules to enforce quality reporting data, and the users’ desire to perform unstructured tasks in an ad hoc manner. In addition, the need to maintain legacy system integration points limited the technology choices available for the solution.

FI Solution: FI worked closely with user groups to understand the existing challenges, and returned to those groups frequently to get feedback on the ongoing development of the solution. This ensured a quality user experience after implementation.

In addition to current requirements, FI focused on how users’ needs might change over time, and how to design extra flexibility into the system to make it faster and more cost effective to evolve.

The functionality of the system has been extended regularly since its inception in 2011.

FI Impact: FI developed an application which enabled our client to move from weekly loan-pricing updates to real-time pricing. It also eliminated inconsistencies in pricing activity reporting across regional groups, led to faster turn-around times for pricing for large-scale or exceptional deals, and mitigated the risks that arose as a result of performing complex manual activities.